Black book of Capitalism

Один западный чувак посчитал число трупов, вызванных капитализмом, и в конце предложил не лезть к нему с рассказами о Сталине и Мао.

По некоторым цифирям можно, конечно, поспорить, но в целом впечатляет.

United States Imperialism:

•Hurricane Katrina (deliberate faulty construction) 1,836
•NATO Intervention in Libya 2011 15,000
•Tamils killed by US backed Sri Lankan Gov. 30,000
•US Revolutionary War 35,700
•Spanish-American War 100,000
•US Made Famine in Bangladesh 1974 100,000
•NATO Intervention in Libya 100,000
•Guatemala 300,000
•US Bombing of Yugoslavia 2,000
•Iraq (US Selling Poison Gas to Saddam) 400,000
•Iraq (Desert Storm) 500,000
•US Bombing Iraq Water Supply in 1991 500,000
•Invasion of the Philippines 650,000
•US Civil War 700,000
•US Concentration Camps of Germans 1,000,000
•US imposed sanctions on Iraq 1,000,000
•Afghanistan (War on Terrorism) 1,200,000
•US Backed Dictator General Suharto 1,200,000 (Anti-commmunist dictator)
•Iraq (War on Terrorism) 1,300,000
•1898 American War vs Philippine 3,000,000
•US Intervention in the Congo 5,000,000
•US Aggression on Latin America 6,000,000
•Vietnam War (including Cambodia & Laos) 10,000,000
•Korean War 10,000,000
•Native American Genocide 114,000,000
•African Slave Trade 150,000,00

Japanese Imperialism:

•Japanese Occupation of East Timor 70,000
•Japanese Bombing of China 71,105
•Japanese Massacre of Singapore 100,000
•Japanese Germ Warfare in China 200,000
•Japanese Democides 5,964,000

British Imperialism:

•Second Boer War 75,000
•Irish Potato Famine 1,500,000
•The Bengal Famine of 1943 10,000,000
•British Occupation of India 20,000,000
•Famine in Held British India 30,000,000

Miscellaneous capitalist nations:

•Massacre of the Paris Commune 20,000
•Dutch East Indies 25,000
•Somali Child Famine Deaths 29,000
•228 Massacre 30,000
•French Madagascar 80,000
•Indonesian Anti-Communist Purges 1965-1966 1,000,000
•Philippine Insurrection 220,000
•Franco Regime 300,000
•Benito Mussolini regime 300,000
•Rebelling Shia Killed by Saddam 300,000
•Nanking Massacre 300,000
•Spanish Civil War 400,000•Mussolini’s Ethiopia 700,000
•Palestinians Killed by Israel 1947-2002 826,626
•Nigerian Civil War 1,000,000
•Stateless Capitalist Somalia 1,000,000
•Iraq-Iran War 1,000,000
•Rawandan Genocide 1,000,000
•Belgian Congo Colonization 10,000,000
•Feudal Russia 1,066,000
•First Indochina 1946-1954 1,750,000
•Khmer Rouge (not communist) 2,035,000
•South African Apartheid 3,500,000
•Chiang Kai Shek regime (China) 7,000,000
•Congo 1886-1908 8,000,000
•Nazi Holocaust 12,000,000
•Post-Soviet Capitalism in Russia 1,500,000
•World War One 16,500,000
•World War One 60,000,000

General Disasters Caused by Capitalism:

•Hamburg Cholera Outbreak 1892 10,000
•Union Carbide Bophal Disaster 15,000
•Industrial Revolution Kids & Adults USA 100,000
•Chetnik Collaboration & Genocide 100,000
•Herero and Namaqua Genocide 110,000
•Burma-Siam Railroad Construction 116,000
•Albanian Genocide 270,000
•Fascist Independent State of Croatia 900,000
•Armenian Genocide 1,500,000
•Famine of 1932-33 (Kulak policy and weather) 7,000,000
•Great Depression (America alone) 12,000,000
•Children Killed by Preventable Diseases Since 9/11 208,000,000
•Children Killed by Hunger during the 2000s 246,256,000
•Children Killed by Hunger during the 1990s 100,000,000
•Capitalist Policy in India 1947 – 1990 120,000,000

1,326,271,260 killed by capitalism at the very least. This does not count all of the deaths caused by preventable hunger and disease, climate change, and environmental degradation. This does not count any of the deaths due to preventable water shortage, drug addiction, unnecessarily hazardous workplaces, or any of the other myriad preventable problems befalling the global proletariat.

So liberals, conservatives and anti-communists in general, tell me again about Mao, whose famine was the very last to ever occur in China, while before him there had been many more, once every few years. Tell me again about Stalin, whose rapid industrialization grew Russia into a world superpower that prevented a Nazi conquest of Europe. Tell me again about Fidel, who raised Cuban literacy, health care and education quality and life expectancy higher than the United States itself.

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